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Surviving the Summer with Kids on a Tight Budget

Summertime has a way of wreaking havoc on the household budget. During this season, there’s so much going on that needs to be paid for. The kids are out of school which means higher grocery and utility bills, entertainment, and camp costs. If you’re not savvy, you could find yourself scraping to get by with a house filled with bored kids.

How can you get through the next few months on a tight budget with kids? Here are a few suggestions below:

Short-Term Loans

If you need to get cash fast to boost your summer budget, you can start with a short-term loan. Companies like Blue Trust Loans provide funds of up to $1250 for eligible applicants. The best part is that you don’t need good credit, a high-paying job, or collateral. Within 1 business day, you could have enough money to survive the summer with your kids. The loans can be repaid in small installments on a monthly basis so you’re not overextended.

Free or Discounted Summer Camp

Before you spend thousands of dollars to send your kids to camp, consider looking into free or discounted options. Many major cities offer free summer programs to children within the community. If not, many camps also have applications for low-income families to take advantage of. If approved, you could slash the camp costs in half, if not more. These camps are just as fun and educational as private and expensive options so your kids will still enjoy themselves.

Free Activities

When the kids are home you can’t just let them sit around the house. You’ll soon learn that boredom can turn into arguments, tantrums, and other negative behavior. Rather than spending a ton of money on expensive activities, search for free opportunities. Many communities have free events like movies in the park, outdoor concerts, fairs, food truck festivals, and more to entertain residents. You can also check with community colleges and your local library for free arts and craft and reading for school-aged children and college-preparedness activities for teens.

Make Meals at Home

During the school year, most children eat breakfast and lunch in school saving parents a decent amount on the grocery bill. Now that they’re home, however, you’re responsible for providing 3 meals and a few snacks every day. This can get expensive, especially if you have multiple children. Don’t take the kids out everyday or order takeout, make meals at home instead. Even if you plan on going somewhere like the park or a community event, eating at home prior to departure prevents the kids from wanting to eat while you’re out. There are several easy and affordable kid-friendly summer recipes to keep costs low and save time.

Make Use of Your Yard

When the family is home during the summer, don’t raise your energy bill by staying inside glued to tech devices all day. Instead, make use of your backyard. It’s free and can be a lot of fun to spend time in. You can play outdoor games, swim in the pool, have a barbecue, set up camp, relax, start a garden, and even host play dates to keep the kids entertained without spending too much.

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