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Mercedes Benz SUV Family Introduction

SUVs are appealing to people for many reasons. It may be for its improved visibility from elevated seating position or for its off-road capabilities or for seats that can fold flatter to carry lots of luggage or large items. SUV drivers gain an impressive presence, while driving on the road.

Few reasons to buy Mercedes-Benz SUV

  • It is more than simply fulfilling your needs
  • It is more than relishing the way your needs are fulfilled.
  • Within each Mercedes, you will find elegant, simple design and minute detailing.
  • Mercedes SUVs provide pragmatism in deluxe package to pamper passengers driving towards their destination.
  • Even used Mercedes SUVs are all about prestige with similar comfortable levels.
  • Drivers driving Mercedes Sedan can step up with SUVs carrying same nameplate, firm handling, and comfort to accommodate their growing families.

Mercedes Benz SUV family

Mercedes SUV family of 2014 includes GLK, ML, and GL. Compact GLA arrived in 2015. There was an alphabetical reorganization. GLK became GLC, ML became GLE and GL turned into GLS.

These letters have numbers following, which indicates engine size. GL550 is equipped with 5.5 liter, while GL350 with 3.5 liter under the hood. With development engines are getting small and powerful. A big number still specifies large engine but not capacity. The GLA250 has 2 liter engine instead of 2.5 liter as expected.

Diesel engine Mercedes-Benz SUVs before 2010 had letters CDI included on their tailgate and after engine technology got updated in 2010, the new diesels got designated BlueTEC.

GL/GLS Class

A full sized SUV having ample room and 3rd row seat designed for 7 adults and luggage. All-wheel drive seems to be the motto of every GL/GLS. They are equipped with twin-turbo engines. Turbo means the weight of the engine is less. It also defines more power and more fuel efficiency per mileage. Equipped GL/GLS Mercedes suitably, so as to tow around 7,500 pounds, a practical slogger.

ML/GLE Class

A midsized SUV with seating for 5 passengers and limited space for luggage. All MLs are equipped with AWD. They have high ground clearcne to handle rough roads and uneven terrain. They are capable of towing max 7,000 pounds.


A compact SUV with ample room for 4 adults and has plenty of similarities with Class-C sedan in terms of build and firm ride. Properly equipped GLK can tow 3,500 pounds.

GLA Class

Compact crossover but lower and shorter than GLK. Modest cargo room and seats 4 passengers comfortably. Elevated driving position and good forward visibility. GLA offers premium experience as expected with easy-to-read dials, high end materials, and better horsepower.

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