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Learn about the different sources of an essential oil

Essential oil is viewed as a volatile and aromatic substance which is present within a plant. This is extracted from a specific portion of the plant, such as the leaf, flower, root, bark, resin, fruit or seed. Inside these oils, there are present countless organic constituents which are capable of endorsing beneficial responses when people inhale or apply them. Essential oils are sourced from different parts of the world, and there are three chief ways of extracting these oils from their plant sources and they are solvent extraction, steam distillation, and expression or cold press.

  • Solvent extraction – It is used when the aromatic properties of delicate plant and flower material would be changed or destroyed by water or steam distillation. Solvent extraction is also used when jasmine or rose absolute comprises very less oil thus, making the water or steam distillation impractical.
  • Steam distillation – The majority of the oils are extracted through the use of steam distillation. Here, steam gets introduced into one distillation chamber that comprises the plant material. When the steam does break down the plant tissue, then it releases its essential oil through the vapor.
  • Expression or cold press – It is also recognized as expression and it is a mechanical process of pressing citrus peels, like lemon, lime, orange, bergamot, and grapefruit for removing an essential oil.

The process of using

There are many ways through which you can use essential oil and the method that you will select will depend on the oil that you are using plus your intended aim. A few prevalent approaches of using an essential oil is diffusing and diluting oils. One of the safest uses for these oils comprises breathing them so that the beneficial properties of these oils go straight to your nasal olfactory passages. After this, you should hold the bottle close to your nose and breathe deep for inhaling the scent of the oil.

Vital points to consider before buying

If you don’t know where to buy essential oils from then you can check many online vendors that do sell only the superior quality of essential oil. However, before you buy what you must check is the purity of the essential oil. There are many blends of these oils available in the market and some of them are formulated plus marketed by trustworthy companies. Again, when you don’t possess any definite purpose in your mind then you must locate an appropriate blend as it will spare you from the distress of buying an essential oil and blending it yourself.

An essential oil shop does store many kinds of these oils and people find no way to confirm the various ingredients plus their proportions in the blended oils. So, before you buy an essential oil you must always ensure that it has been extracted only from an organically grown crop and it has been attached with proper certifications. There are some situations when an essential oil gets extracted from wild plants in place of cultivated crops. At times, it isn’t possible to get organic certifications for these compounds but they can still be organic and pure compared to certified products. So, it would be safe to buy only from a trustworthy essential oil store.

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