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Five Easy Ways to Help Your Child Overcome Shyness

Some children are born outgoing, but there are some who are naturally timid and overly shy. Raising shy children can be challenging because they may find it challenging to communicate with others, which makes it harder for them to establish friendships in the future. As a parent, it is normal for you to feel worried about your child’s behaviour and you feel somehow responsible for this attitude. The main question is, how do you help your child get out of their shell and make new friends. Here are some tips to get them to start socialising.

Encourage them to learn new things

Maybe your child needs to be exposed to a new environment. You may convince them to take some music classes and learn how to play certain instruments such as b flat clarinets, a saxophone or a flute. You can also enrol them in a summer camp that will allow them to become more independent and learn to adapt to different situations.

Also, meeting new people may help your child overcome their shyness especially if they enjoy the company of others. Sometimes all it takes is a change of environment to see a significant difference in their attitude.

Maintain open communication

Being friends with your child is also an advantage because it makes it easier to confide in you whenever they are going through a tough time in their lives. If you notice some changes in their behaviour, it is best if you address it right away. In some cases, a child may experience certain types of trauma in school like being rejected in a school programme or being bullied by a few schoolmates. Some children easily get discouraged; that is why it is your role as a parent to provide guidance and encouragement.

Give words of encouragement

If your child is overly shy, then there is a possibility that their self-esteem is also quite low. Instead of getting angry at them, it is best that you always give out compliments, whether their achievement is big or small. Continue to motivate your child to excel in many things so they will feel good about themself.

Invite friends and relatives on weekly playdates

If you want your child to overcome their shyness slowly, then ask them to invite some of their classmates, friends and cousins for a playdate at your place where they can be in charge of the whole situation. Let your child interact with their visitors to help build confidence and enhance communication skills.

Reward your child

Shy children find it hard to belong or be accepted in a group. Some of them have challenges in terms of coping with schoolwork and other extracurricular activities. You can try rewarding your child with small gifts to let them know that you are proud of their achievements. Rewards will inspire your child to perform better.

It would help if you did not pressure your child to do things against their will. Also, you need to be patient and give them time to overcome their shyness whenever theyare ready.

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