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A Guide to Effectively Reducing Obesity

The advancement of technology and food science has changed the way we are behaving, eating and working. In a sense, this has brought about a wave of unhealthy habits: increased production of processed and junk food, sitting for long hours in the workplace, binge eating by having easy access to processed food, not having sufficient exercise due to a heavy workload, etc.

Ailments associated with obesity

Obesity is a medical condition where a person has so much extra body weight that it is causing a negative effect on their well-being. Some of the ailments that are associated with obesity could include: gout, breathing problems (especially when sleeping), diabetes, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, gallbladder disease, osteoarthritis, and even the inability to walk properly due to the added weight on their body.

Losing weight through a proper diet and exercising

To combat against obesity, one can engage in a proper diet by cutting down on their intake of fried food, sugary drinks and snacks, refined grain products, red meat. Instead, they should turn to healthy alternatives like whole grain products, fruits and vegetables, legumes and beans, lean meat (chicken and salmon), reduced-fat dairy products, and drink plenty of water.

Fun-filled methods of losing weight

There are many unorthodox ways of losing weight by burning calories, limiting food intake, changing the habits of eating, and these can include: cutting your food into smaller portions as this will trick your brain into thinking that you are having more food than usual, eating your food off a blue plate as the colour blue is known to suppress one’s appetite, consuming warm water instead of cold water, laughing out loud to burn some calories, etc. These are some of the lazy ways on how to lose weight in Singapore, and it is also applicable for those who are trying to seek fun-filled ways to lose some weight.

Slimming programs

An alternative (or even supplement) to losing weight could be signing up for a slimming program that has been proven to work. Whether you are obese through genetics, eating too much, post-pregnancy weight gain, being middle-aged, or even have flabby arms and stubborn fats that just refuse to go away, a slimming program might be able to reduce that unsightly fat.

Determining the effectiveness of a program

When you have shortlisted and chosen a provider for your slimming program, ensure that they offer a free trial in order to observe the effectiveness of it. In the first trial, your body fat will be analysed and you will be given some advice on how to manage it. The results may or may not be visible in the first trial, but it will give you an idea of how the company operates. Are the employees knowledgeable enough to answer your queries? What are the methods used to assist you in losing weight? How long will it take before you are able to see results?

It always pays to be mindful of your weight by exercising regularly and watching what you are eating. Although a person may not be obese physically, the internal organs could be suffering from ailments such as: a fatty liver or clogged arteries that could lead to a heart attack. Going for periodic medical checkups would ensure that you are always in the best possible condition.

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